For this week, I wanted to give advice, tips, and share some of the mistakes I have made in my devotional/Jesus Time during the day. One of the most important aspects of my time with Jesus has been journaling. I began journaling for the first time in September 5, 2017. Building the Relationship. Like any … Continue reading Learning…

Obsessed with Rest.

Sleep has always been something that I have struggled to really prioritize & manage since becoming an "on-campus" college student. Sleep. It makes me happy just to say that word. I know some of you reading this are feeling the same thing. Sleep is the ultimate relaxation and for some of us, I would dare … Continue reading Obsessed with Rest.

2019: Year of BRAVERY

First of all, I apologize for falling off the grid for the past six weeks or so… Over Christmas break, I felt like I was supposed to really think through some things, spend my time with family, and take a deep breath out. Jumping into this NEW YEAR, I have felt both excitement with a … Continue reading 2019: Year of BRAVERY

GET RID OF THE “CAPS”: a prophetic story

Hi there!   Today I want to share a story about how God blessed me with an unexpected trip to England and Scotland back in March of 2017.  The idea that I have been out of the country still is completely mind-blowing to me. I do not have money, but I have always wanted to travel. … Continue reading GET RID OF THE “CAPS”: a prophetic story

The Bow and Arrow

God keeps reminding me of this message "You Are Being Pulled Back in Order to Be Propelled into My Calling for You." What? I keep thinking about this and to be honest am still a little confused with the idea. But thinking about it...it is true. When we feel a little secluded, forgotten, or outside of the … Continue reading The Bow and Arrow