When the Mountain Remains

Lord, I breathe in and,

Lord, I breathe out.

Oh, Your love is so renowned,

You’ve come through for them

You’ve moved their mountain.

I want to know Your plan

I want to trust your hand

Reassure me now,

Your plans are good

You never will let me down

Trusting and waiting

and doing the next thing

Jesus, I can’t take anything more

Help to me to keep trusting and waiting

and doing the next thing

Jesus, I don’t think I can do this again

Help me to keep trusting and waiting

And doing the next thing

Breathing in and breathing out,

Standing up and stepping out

Oh, Lord this mountain is steep, high, and long,

But God, your power has proven me wrong

Just because You haven’t moved this mountain

 does not mean that you are not moving me

I may not like it now, but I know that I will see

You are moving and shaping and making me lean

Into what you want and not what I want to see

In surrender, I say it now,

In due time,

I will see the other side.

Even if You don’t move this mountain

You will mount me up with wings like eagles

I will press on being strengthened by you.

To your understanding, I offer my hand,

This mountain has readied me for the promised land.

~Emily Ruotsala

7 thoughts on “When the Mountain Remains

      1. Can’t wait to hear it! 😀
        My friend Grace from Following Him beside still waters blog wrote a poem last year and I put a melody and chords to it. My website is down at the moment but as soon as it comes back on I’ll send you the link. 😊👍💕


      2. Yes! Please do! I am seriously thinking about turning it into a song. If you wanted to try putting some chords to it like you did for your friend Grace’s song, that would be amazing. I do sing and would love to present this in that way. Of course, only if you want to though. Thank you again for all of the encouragement!

        Liked by 1 person

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