The Bow and Arrow

God keeps reminding me of this message “You Areย Being Pulled Back in Order to Be Propelled into My Calling for You.” What? I keep thinking about this and to be honest am still a little confused with the idea. But thinking about it…it is true. When we feel a little secluded, forgotten, orย outside of the circle, God is trying to teach us something. The illustration of a bow and arrow has been stuck in my head. What after all has to happen for an arrow to be shot forward towards the goal?…it has to be pulled or drawn backward!…and the further that it is pulled back, the further the destination it can reach. It might be “uncomfortable” right now, but the discomfort is there to keep me dependent on God, keep me from grandiose thinking. Looking through the Bible, what was the time like before God moved someone into further places?…it involved periods like this. Joseph was imprisoned for 2+ years before being given second in command in the land of Egypt, the Israelite’s had to wait 400+ years in slavery and oppression until they were able to reach their promise land, Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den before he received further favor from King Darius, and Paul was imprisoned multiple times before returning back to the missions that God had for him. There are sooo many other examples in the Bible.ย 

God does not set His people up for failure! Going back to the analogy of a bow and arrow…What are some specific things that go into shooting an arrow? First of all, if one of the fletchings (the feathers on the back of the arrow) are crooked or missing, the shot will be inaccurate. These fletchings help the arrow fly in a stable and accurate way. In what way does this apply to us? Before God will shoot us further into the calling for our lives, we might have to go through seasons of construction. He is making us stable, in depending on His provision and strength in our lives. Secondly, the lighter the arrow, the further and faster it will fly. We need to leave our garbage behind. It is going to take us a while to find further joy in our lives, when we keep dragging around our regrets, mistakes, unforgiveness, our own plans, and selfishness. When Jesus was choosing his disciples, he said, “Follow me, and I will make youย fishers of men.ย Immediately they left their nets and followed him” (Matthew 4:19-20, ESV).ย We need to leave it all behind in order to follow his lead. Thirdly, the actual body of the arrow needs to be flexible and bend with the force exerted by the archer. If the arrow is too tough, it will crack. Humbling ourselves under the power of God, submitting to His influence, and the softening of our hearts needs to take place. Lastly, we need to accept that the arrow is guided and aimed by the Archer (God). Are we trusting in God’s timing for release, point of destination, extent of being drawn back, and sense of direction? Or are we taking things into our own hands?

One more question…Is your hope in God conditional upon your prosperity in life?ย False Prosperity...God has also been showing me how some of my view of Him has been distorted. I sometimes unintentionally view my relationship with him as a “transactional” system. If I pray enough, He will give me what I want. If I am nice enough to other people, my name will be more known by people. If I read the Bible enough, I will get the future that I hope for. Ummmm…NO! This is crazy that I unknowingly get caught up in this thinking sometimes…but it is true. How SELF-CONSUMED! These goals and rewards that I will sometimes associate with God are so anti-Biblical, and so opposed to the point of knowing Jesus. Knowing Jesus and being able to know Him in deeper ways is all that I should be hoping for. This is our reward and GOAL! If we are focused upon that certain career, paycheck, popularity among people, the ideal man, or the feeling of happiness, something is SERIOUSLY wrong. God is propelling us into places where we can get to know Him better, and it may not look like the ideal situation we have created in our minds and desires. Letting go of our plans for ourselves and trusting in His plans is where we can find rest.ย He is taking us deeper in knowledge of Him and further in our walk with Him.ย 

This may not be the perfect analogy but I think that this is so applicable for my life at the moment and many other people I see going through similar situations. In reflection to my last post, God is still teaching me that discomfort is good in my life!

Being Pulled Back to Propel into God’s Callingย 

Thank you for reading!

If you have any further insights or testimonies pertaining to this, please feel free to comment and share!ย 

4 thoughts on “The Bow and Arrow

  1. Wow. What a powerful analogy! This really touched me and confirmed some things God has been showing me about my life. Do I trust His direction? Do I really want to be shot out, or would I rather stay in the comfy quiver? In my heart, I know I want to be used, so I must surrender to the Holy Spirit and LET HIM. :-O HalleluYah, He gives us grace!

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    1. Thank you Maggie for taking the time to read it and sharing your insight! So happy that is touched you it the way that it did!โค


  2. Very powerful analogy and I can totally relate to this. The seasons that feel the most uncomfortable are always the ones that draw you closer to God and then subsequently propel you further to a higher level of maturity, growth and understanding in Him.
    I recently went through a difficult time and I can honestly say that I am glad it all happened because it made me draw nearer to Jesus and experience His beautiful grace and presence. I then sat back in awe as God moved in my situation without me having to do anything! Jesus is amazing!
    Keep up the good work! I love your blog,
    Hayley ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ž


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