Feeling Uncomfortable in Life?

Thanks for joining me in my attempt at blogging!

“Humility is found in being uncomfortable.” ~Emily Ruotsala

adventure alps background beautifulDo you wish that you had more money? Friends?

We all strive for that feeling of finally being comfortable in our lives. Despite this feeling, it seems like when we think we finally reached it through our lives circumstances, especially as Christians, we lose our sense of God’s direction.

I have been thinking about how entirely different this year has been in comparison to last year. Almost every form of a “friend group” or ” material cushion” that I had previously, has been yanked from underneath me. I was sitting in this one spot on my college campus the other day and I was just looking around. Admiring the outfits of others, slightly eavesdropping in the conversations of others (you do it too!), saying hello to acquaintances passing by, wondering if it was going to rain when I had to walk to my next class, then all of a sudden I started to see different “cliques” of campus highlighted. It never has really bothered me before, but this time, my stomach turned.

I felt God convict me of the way that I have been a part of these in the past and even to an extent, presently. I felt God say that when you are reliant on those “cushions” or “cliques” in your life, that is when you become comfortable on your own. These different “cushions” have appeared as friend groups, financial stability, a specific church (ironic? yes!), and even my own abilities that I would consider myself to be good at.Β  When we are dependent on these sort of things in our lives, we avoid reaching outside of our daily circles and routines, we get sucked into ourselves.

When you become COMFORTABLE, you become PRIDEFUL! We become prideful in that we think we have “made it” in some way and only need God’s help in some areas of our lives. It was like He was saying “Emily, you have lost these things in your life because I want you to be in the best place for me to use you and for you to see Me work in your life.

This place is found in being UNCOMFORTABLE, when you are uncomfortable, He is able to GROW HUMILITY”. Humility refers to complete dependence on God in all things and for all things.

Wow! As I pondered this message more and more, I was realizing how the Christian life is meant to be a place of constantly being uncomfortable. Not that we are worrying about the future or unsatisfied in our relationship with the Lord, but that we are only able to depend on the Lord and not on all the other “stuff” that likes to act as cushions for us. When we find ourselves in an uncomfortable spot in our lives, we are more likely to depend on Jesus. Even when your life is great, living as a Christian means following the Lord’s lead.

He will ALWAYS be pulling you out of your “comfort” zone, to allow you to accomplish things not possible on your own. Those “uncomfortable” times of our lives are actually the biggest blessings!

When we become comfortable in our lives, we are no longer following Jesus! Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Emily Ruotsala

2 thoughts on “Feeling Uncomfortable in Life?

  1. Emily, I am so excited to follow your journey & learn from your wisdom ❀️ I’d say your first entry has already been a gift to me! Love you!!

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  2. Wow! That is really so incredible! We think that somehow Christianity will make life easy, but honestly, if we ever think that life is just grand and everything is perfect for our flesh, watch out, because you may not be listening to Jesus. Thanks for sharing, Emily!


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