If you have been searching for an ordinary “day to day” & “real life” blog that helps encourage you in both your life and your relationship with God…    you have come to the right place my friend.


I am so appreciative of you taking the time to visit my blog. This is a place where I hope to bring encouragement to my readers and discuss topics that I feel have been avoided. My name is Emily Dawn. I live in yoga pants (or leggings?) ripped jeans and baseball caps. I brew up drinking coffee (see what I did there) …and still need it on the daily. I am a highly creative person that suffers with the perfectionist struggle. I am a person of many interests and usually get caught up in different obsessions during different seasons of life (I think it is an artist thing?). And when I say seasons that could mean months, weeks, or days…?

I love activity. This “activity” usually consists of sports (anything competitive), car rides, watching movies, laughing with friends, spending time with God, worship nights, singing, and baking. It was not until last year, that I discovered my love for writing. I began my first prayer journal in September of 2017. This is when I first began to write down my thoughts, questions, desires, regrets, worries, and everything that was going through my mind.

This blog is a place where I hope to inspire others by being vulnerable with my thoughts and struggles.

Thank you so much for joining me in this adventure!

◊ Emily Dawn ◊

Let’s learn & share this life together!